While our products are manufactured with superior methods, we recommend that you always use a certified contractor for the installation of your pavers. We can provide you with an obligation free quotation to supply and install. Contact us to make an appointment.

Step 1

After levelling and compacting the area to be paved, make use of g5 filling as a solid base for your pavers, depending on the ground, you can lay it anywhere from 50-120mm thick. For added strength you could add river sand and cement to the g5 material.

Step 2

On top of your base, add a 20-50mm thick layer of washed river sand and level out with a straight edge.

Step 3

Mark out your lines using building line or nylon string, this is to make sure your paving is laid neatly and pattern stays aligned.

Step 4

Keep the river sand moist (cement can be spread on top for extra strength) and lay each paver individually, should the pavers not seem to be aligning, rotate them and use a rubber mallet to gently knock them until level.

Step 5

When cutting your pavers, mark off where you must cut with a straight edge to keep the project looking neat. Use a diamond tipped blade and a large grinder.

Step 6

Most contractors will use a river sand and cement mix to edge your pavers; for the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing method, use a curb or one of our edging products.

Step 7

Give your pavers a good rinse with water before grouting, concrete products are porous and this is to prevent staining.

Step 8

We recommend using a small plate compactor on top of your pavers, use two rubber mats to rotate underneath the compactor so that the unique finish of the pavers isn't damaged. For larger pavers, a rubber mallet should be used when installing to get the levels perfect.

Step 9

Rinse your pavers thoroughly before the grouting dries on top of your pavers, this eliminates the risk of any staining.

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Product handling on-site

When unpacking your Milestone products, each paver should be individually placed carefully into a wheelbarrow. (Pavers 150x300mm and smaller). Larger pavers should be carried by hand to the place of installation. Very large pavers should be packed vertically and not lying on top of one another. Pavers should not be tipped out of wheelbarrows, this will most definitely cause chipping; they should rather be unpacked individually.

Delivery Arrangements

We can help with the delivery of your order depending on the quantity. Contact us to see how we can assist.

Additional Information

Colour variations may occur, this happens as a result of various factors, our aggregates are sourced from specific quarries so there are occasionally changes in the natural colour of the sands excavated. We recommend laying your pavers from various pallets to get the most aesthetically pleasing finish.

Concrete is porous, so we always recommend where you install our pavers on driveways to choose the darkest colour available (charcoal). This will camouflage stains such as tyre marks and oil stains.

Our Promise

At Milestone Paving, we take pride in having a 100% satisfaction rate. If you feel that you are not satisfied with our products and service, please contact us and let us know and we will make sure that any issues are rectified.

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